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PEAK VM supplies the most comprehensive range of Visual Management solutions across the UK and Europe.

Our mission is to create the most efficient, satisfying, and safe working environments, empowering businesses to reach their PEAK performance.

What is Visual Management?

Visual Management uses visual cues to communicate key information visually in a way that can be interpreted easily by everyone. Visual Management highlights progress towards shared objectives at a glance, allowing for ongoing improvement and evaluation of key performance indicators.

Visual Management is an essential foundation tool for any organisation looking to operate Lean management. This philosophy aims to generate value across all areas of production and operations through reduced waste and improved quality and productivity.

Adopting Lean principles creates successful and sustainable organisations through enhanced quality, improved productivity, resource efficiency, shorter lead times, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Whiteboard for tracking SQCDP performance in a factory
Tools on a Shadow Board in a maintenance depot

Experts in creating the most visually efficient workplaces

PEAK VM hold a wealth of experience. Our founders spent their formative years as engineers and managers working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK. Our extensive knowledge and subject matter expertise deliver credibility as the PEAK Visual Management supplier.

At PEAK VM, we combine Lean industry knowledge with creative thinking. We deliver innovative, functional and professional Solutions. Allowing you to bring out the best in your people

Creating Impact in your organisation.

PEAK VM design, develop and manufacture solutions that create a high visual impact in your workplace.

Our solutions ensure a lean culture prioritising: safety, change and employee engagement.

Making use of your corporate and brand identity, we provide professional solutions that have a lasting influence and create strong assurances of organisation and control.

Visual Management Whiteboards in front of wall signage
PEAK VM client meeting

Visual Management Trusted across multiple industry sectors

We’re the industry experts operating across all sectors from automotive to aerospace and food & drink to logistics, retail and healthcare.

PEAK VM applies Lean and Visual Management industry knowledge and experience, partnering with you to understand your sector-specific need to create solutions that deliver impact and results.

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