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This Case Study will outline why Celeros chose to work with Peak Visual Management when implementing a Site Safety Archway.

About Celeros

Celeros Flow Technology is a global company that specialises in providing engineered solutions and technologies for fluid handling in various industries. They focus on delivering products and services related to pumps, valves, and other flow control technologies.

Their Cathcart, Glasgow facility offers expert support both onsite and offsite to improve efficiency and reduce downtime on pump maintenance projects.

The Challenge

With a mix of production operations taking place onsite at Cathcart such as welding, grinding and heavy lifts, there is a significant Safety risk to the individuals carrying out the tasks and those around them. The team at Celeros FT deemed it vital they place emphasis on safety awareness and safe behaviours at the front and centre in the minds of those onsite. This includes not only the production teams onsite but also contractors and visitors.

The team wanted to adopt Visual Management techniques to effectively communicate instantaneous information. This approach ensures that all staff and visitors onsite, especially those entering areas of higher risk, can quickly grasp essential details.

The Solution

PEAK Visual Management have supported many clients with Visual Management approaches to safety. The solutions we provide are specified to suit what the client needs to achieve their desired outcome. In this case, the outcome is a visual method which clearly communicates safety priorities to staff and visitors onsite. Having encountered this requirement with other clients, we worked with Celeros FT to develop, design and install a freestanding Visual Health and Safety Archway.

The Health and Safety Archway’s provide a Visual Management welcome and gateway from an area of lower to an area of higher safety risk. The Archway incorporates several simple Visual elements to maximise the impact of the Archway, these include:

• PPE check avatar – this visual very clearly outlines the PPE which should be worn on passing through the Safety Archway.

• PPE check mirror – the mirror provides a visual prompt to check that the individual on entry of the the area of higher risk is wearing the correct PPE.

• Rolling message LED display – the display can be updated to communicate text messages relevant to what’s happening onsite. The messages might centre on, focus areas of safety, alert to contractor works happening or temporary elevated safety risks onsite.

• Updatable snap frame document holders – allow information that might need to be periodically updated to be displayed such as First Aiders onsite or Site Emergency Contacts.

The Result

The Health and Safety Archway clearly underscores the importance that business leaders at Celeros FT place on the welfare and safety of not only their staff but also visitors to site. Safety should always be the priority in the workplace.

It is the role of business leaders to influence and embed safety as an integral part of organisational culture, rather than merely a topic of discussion. Both staff and visitors want to feel protected and safe when entering areas of risk, knowing that safety is a shared consideration in all actions and behaviours. Celeros FT have implemented the ultimate Visual Safety statement that cannot be ignored.

“We wanted to demonstrate to all stakeholders the seriousness with which Health and Safety is regarded here at Celeros FT, Cathcart. We believed the Archway represented an investment in the onsite safety culture. The Arch serves as a permanent and highly conspicuous reminder of the key messages and cues we aim to convey individuals as they enter that area of higher risk. The PEAK Visual Management team played a supportive role in developing the concept and design as well as managing the process through to delivery. The three dimensional visual that was supplied ahead of delivery was invaluable in helping us envision the Arch in its actual context and gain stakeholder approval. I strongly recommend engaging with the PEAK Visual Management team if you’re interested in elevating the quality of your Health and Safety Visuals”.

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