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Cleaning Station Shadow Boards are an excellent starting point in any 5S initiative. They are an essential Visual Management tool in ensuring that cleaning equipment is located at the right place, at the right time.

Why Implement Cleaning Stations in Your Workplace

Mobile or Free-standing Cleaning Stations

Clients often face limited wall space or require centralised cleaning tools.

Our Mobile or Freestanding options guarantee the right cleaning tools are accessible at the right time.

Mobile options, equipped with heavy-duty castors, allow easy relocation and secure locking. Free-Standing options can also be fixed in place with base plates.

Cleaning Station on mobile frame with wheels in warehouse
cleaning station on a wall in a workshop

Wall-mounted Cleaning Stations

This option is ideal near heavy traffic or a high chance of spillage areas. Static cleaning stations ensure everybody knows where the cleaning equipment is located when needed.

We can advise on the best method for wall fixing depending on the surface.

We can also supply a magnetic method of mounting, common in the Food and Drink industry where drilling into steel-clad walls isn’t practical.

Select your Cleaning Station configuration

Choose from our standard selection, equipped with a variety of tools to meet your needs. Each is available with a range of colour options.

If you prefer to use your existing cleaning tools or have a specific supplier, we can supply without tools or with a partial supply.

We can supply cleaning tools to suit a range of environments. From ‘standard’ heavy-duty durable plastic tools to wooden/metal tools for hot working environments.

Download our Cleaning Station template maker for tailored solutions.

Cube framework with a cleaning station and shadow board

Cube or Bespoke Solutions

Our expertise extends across diverse industries with cleaning tool needs that extend beyond conventional hand-use cleaning tools. For unique storage solutions, we offer the innovative ‘Cube’ method.

These Cubes can come equipped with doors, providing internal storage shelves for cleaning consumables or spare items. Choose a Cube on castors for full mobility or on base plates for a fixed position.

See more about our Visual Management Cubes here.

Design & Branding

We manufacture all of our Cleaning Stations to order and encourage the application of unique company branding or corporate identity.

Consistency is key to effective Visual Management. Corporate brand application enhances the overall appearance, whilst emphasising its importance in the overall operation of the business.

Cleaning station on framework with other performance boards

Cleaning Stations are an essential 5S Visual Management aid making it easy to keep the workplace clean, tidy and organised.

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