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At PEAK VM, we understand the importance of getting it ‘right the first time’. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our design & concept process.

Our highly trained designers provide professional support, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards.

3D Design & Concept Visuals

We supply many of the Visual Management and 5S Workplace Organisation solutions on a framework. This ensures that visuals are correctly positioned to effectively convey their message, or place stored equipment exactly where it’s needed most.

Our 3D visual design proof service includes dimensional information for space constraint considerations. This enables clients to visualise the final solution within their facility.

PEAK VM Design
Paper print design samples being used on site

Full Scale Paper Prints - FREE

In our mission to create the most efficient, satisfying, and safe workplaces we understand the importance of providing Visual Management solutions that deliver across a team or larger organisation.

At PEAK VM, we go the extra mile by providing full-scale paper prints of our designs at no additional cost to you.

This proactive approach allows clients to obtain feedback from project stakeholders, address concerns, and handle objections before the final product delivery. It’s a valuable step towards ensuring the success of the end solution.

Extensive Design Library

For more than 15 years, we have supported UK industry with successful Visual Management board designs, spanning a diverse range of applications across a variety of industry sectors. Our extensive design reference library serves as a source of inspiration and a foundation for crafting new, customised designs.

Our skilled team excels in transforming basic sketches or ideas into professional, functional, and visually appealing Visual Management board designs.

At PEAK VM, our commitment to precision, innovation, and client satisfaction shines through every step of our design & concept process.

Together we can create workspaces that are not just efficient but also visually impactful and safe.

Selection of Whiteboard Concepts & Designs

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