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Obeya VM Centres

Team Work

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success”

A quote by Henry Ford that highlights the importance of teamwork.


Have you ever wondered how your team works together?

The founders of PEAK Visual Management developed our experience of ‘Stand Up’ meetings during our time working at Toyota Motor Manufacturing. They showed us how this method of operating team meetings and morning briefs kept energy levels high, focus on common goals and objectives and ensured the team stayed motivated.


PEAK Visual Management develop, design, manufacture and supply Obeya Visual Management centres to support operational teams to keep working together.

Why use an Obeya Centre:

  • Create a distraction free hub to manage projects, drive improvements and control performance.
  • Easy to extend and add new sections if the organisation demands change.
  • Remove the need for free wall space and create the Visual Management Centre where you have the space available.
  • Professional service from quote and concept through to delivery and assembly.

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