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Health &
Safety Signage

Employers must take practical steps to ensure the safety of their workers under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Strive for zero harm. Clear Health & Safety signage promotes awareness, enhances safety and actively engages your workforce with clear instructions and the provision of PPE.

PPE Safety Signage

PPE Safety Signage communicates essential safety requirements and obligations. These visual cues play a crucial role in fostering awareness and adherence, contributing to a safer working environment.

Each station is equipped with clear and easily comprehensible safety instructions featuring universal symbols. For a personalised touch, customise safety messaging aligning it to your brand and safety protocols.

Health and Safety Sign showing PPE Requirements on site
Exterior PPE Sign showing the PPE required in the building

Entrance Signage / Archways

Elevate your premises with custom Safety Entrance Signage or Arch structures. Welcome workers and visitors with visually impactful reminders of safety information.

LED displays ensure real-time communication, promptly sharing crucial safety information, ensuring it stays current and responsive.

Safety Display Signage

A safety-focused workplace culture relies on transparency, achieved through visible safety data.

Displaying information like the time since the last incident and monthly incident totals fosters an engaged and vigilant workforce.

Accessible, up-to-date safety data promotes shared responsibility and emphasises individual and collective efforts for a secure workplace.

First Aid board with First aid equipment

First Aid Boards

Integral to workplace safety, First Aid Boards play a crucial role in quick access for treating workplace injuries. Strategically positioned for easy identification and quick retrieval, these boards are designed to be consistently within reach.

Our First Aid Boards feature essential items such as eye wash kits, first aid kits, lens cleaning kits, and an ear protector dispenser. Boards are fully customisable to align with your unique needs and the nature of your workplace.

We are experts in developing bespoke Health & Safety Signage that will have a clear visual impact in your workplace and keep the workforce protected.

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