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How do Tool Shadow Boards help support

5S Workplace Organisation?

PEAK Visual Management recently paid a visit to long standing client Safran Helicopter Engines in Fareham, Surrey. Whilst on site we were able to observe the 5S Visual Management Workplace Organisation solutions we have supplied them in action.

These solutions help Safran to Set, Standardise and Sustain their 5S workplace organisation processes.

5S Tool shadow boards play a crucial role in supporting 5S lean processes by providing a visual and organized way to manage tools and equipment within a workspace. The 5S methodology is a system for organising, standardising, and maintaining a clean, efficient workplace. The five S’s stand for Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Tool shadow boards contribute to several of these principles:

Sort (Seiri):

  • Identification of Unnecessary Items: During the implementation of 5S shadow boards and workplace organisation, unnecessary tools or items may be identified, promoting a process of sorting and removing items that are not required for the task at hand.

Set in Order (Seiton):

  • Organisation: Tool shadow boards provide a template and structure for tools in a designated and easily accessible location. Each tool has its designated shadow or outline, making it clear where each tool belongs.
  • Visual Management: The boards use visual cues to indicate where tools should be placed. This ensures that employees can quickly identify missing tools and return them to their proper places.

Shine (Seiso):

  • Clear Workspace: The use of shadow boards encourages employees to keep their workspace clean. With tools set in designated locations and not randomly scattered, it is easier to clean and maintain the area.

Standardise (Seiketsu):

  • Consistency: Shadow boards establish a standardised and consistent location for tools. This consistency reduces the time wasted searching for tools and minimizes the risk of misplaced items.
  • Visual Standards: The use of shadows or outlines on the boards creates a visual standard for tool placement. This helps maintain a uniform and organized appearance throughout the workspace, supporting a workforce able to work effectively across processes.

Sustain (Shitsuke):

  • Employee Accountability: Employees become more accountable in the long term for maintaining the organization when it is visually evident when tools are missing or out of place.

In summary, tool shadow boards such as these supplied to Safran Helicopter Engines help support 5S lean processes by promoting organisation, standardisation, visual management, and sustaining a clean and efficient workspace.

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