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Instructional Signage

Prompt, Instruct and Inform with VMT workplace Signage

5S Workplace Organisation and Visual Management form the foundations of a lean organisation and the use of visual prompts are vital to support both of these Lean tools.

Our design team will ensure that your signage adds professionalism by being perfectly branded and is clear in any instruction.

Directional Signage

Directional signage is essential to reduce confusion especially when managing logistics flow around large sites or factories.

We supply signage that is suitable for outdoor use that can be added to existing infrastructure.
Outside Factory Signage

Corporate Branding

We can supply bespoke graphic solutions to ensure your brand is recognised and the workplace reflects the values and vision of your business.

Well implemented signage will build brand awareness which is essential for employee engagement and client loyalty.

Location Signage

Locational and directional signs ensure there is reduced confusion about where individuals are currently situated in the workplace and what equipment should be located there – a key principle in good 5S practice.

VMT always encourage incorporating company branding into signage to ensure that the approach is consistent, and the signage is of a professional standard and so taken seriously by the observer.
Goods In Signage on Factory
Lean Safety Signage on a wall showing First Aiders

Lean Signage

Lean signs are excellent in enforcing the messages of continuous improvement and waste reduction in organisation’s who are implementing Lean systems, practices and behaviours.

As with the locational and directional signs, VMT encourages branding integration so that the Lean message being conveyed carries the backing of the company name.

We have supplied signage projects to various sectors to serve a wide range of purposes; Policy deployment & Balanced scorecard, Corporate Branding, Directional & Labeling, Process instruction

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