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Our lean cubes allow for multiple Visual Management board designs to be fixed to one unit. These units can be particularly useful in areas where there is little floor space to store longer frames.

We offer bespoke Lean Cube solutions tailored to our clients’ corporate branding and policy deployment creating a positive, professional and functional space to review projects, perform daily “stand up” meetings and for management to “go-look-see” on operational matters.

Why use a
Lean Cube

Daily Management Cubes

Our Visual Management cubes provide a hub for Visual Management and encourage teams to review performance data and improvement activity together.

In large facilities with independent teams working in hubs, the cubes allow a Visual Management hub where morning or daily review meetings can be undertaken.

Peers standing together and presenting performance data and improvement actions to each other is proven to drive improvement.

Whiteboard for tracking SQCDP performance in a factory
Lean cube with a shadow board and whiteboard

Multi-Purpose Cubes

Our Multi-purpose Visual Management Cubes provide the potential for both the use of Visual Management Boards the storage of tools and cleaning equipment using 5S Shadow Boards

Storing tools and equipment on a cube unit makes a feature that is hard to ignore and allows the kit to be moved into position ready for use.

Our Visual Management Cubes can be supplied with a door and internal shelving to create storage space for documents and infrequently used tools and equipment inside the cube unit.

Standing up and presenting performance data and actions in front of peers drives Continuous Improvement and is a key Lean behaviour.

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