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PEAK VM provides the option to add a printed overlay to existing whiteboard infrastructure.

We believe in sustainability, avoiding unnecessary replacements of functional whiteboards.

Why use a
Printed Overlay

Vinyl Whiteboard Overlays

A semi-permanent, yet lasting solution. Vinyl whiteboard overlays are simple to apply and give the smooth appearance of a fully printed board.

For seamless application, PEAK VM provides detailed instructions or convenient onsite installation services.

Magnetic Document display windows and status magnets still function well with vinyl overlays.

Management Board for recording continuous improvement in factory

Magnetic Whiteboard Overlays

Magnetic whiteboard overlays are an ideal solution for fixed-term or temporary projects. The magnetic overlays can easily be lifted from their existing position and placed on a new board, size permitting.

Problem-solving (Fishbone/Ishikawa and 5 why?) design layouts lend themselves well to magnetic overlays as the framework for problem-solving can be moved to the place of work (Gemba) or where the issue is being seen.

The simplest and most economic way to change the appearance of your existing whiteboard.

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