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Shadow Boards follow the key Lean 5S principle of assigning a designated space for tools and equipment. They efficiently highlight missing tools and equipment that might otherwise be scattered haphazardly in drawers or on worktops, allowing location within seconds.

How could a Shadow Board improve your business

Tooling Shadow Boards

Proven to save time searching for tools, hand tool Shadow Boards make it easy to identify missing items from a distance, a fundamental lean visual management technique.

They can also can be supplied on mobile frames ensuring right tool, right place, right time.  

Hand Tools on a Shadow Board in a workshop
Shadow Board on a frame with change over parts

Change Over / Spare Parts

Keep operationally critical spare parts visually stored close to the process, reducing potential downtime in the event of equipment failure.

Minimise wasted time in the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) process by locating the changeover parts close to the process in an organised and logical layout ready for switch out.

Transform your workspace into a hub of efficiency, where downtime becomes a rare occurrence, and changeovers are executed seamlessly.

For more information about Changeover and SMED see our knowledge page.

Lifting Tackle Shadow Boards

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) mandate the proper storage, marking, and inspection of lifting equipment.

Our Lifting Tackle Shadow Board plays a crucial role in helping users locate equipment in its designated place, ensuring that items are always readily available when not in use.

Lifting Tackle and Eyebolts on a Board
Angled frame with a board to hold tools and parts in a workshop

Calibrated Tools

Tooling or measuring equipment that needs to be carefully calibrated to give accurate readings requires careful and responsible storage.

The use of Shadow Boards to store calibrated tools ensures that other items can’t be piled on top with the equipment held and positioned the same way whenever not in use.

To enhance safety, we secure the tooling or equipment on the Shadow Board using appropriate fixings. Additionally, the option of placing the board on an angled A Frame further mitigates the risk of items falling off, providing a secure and organised storage solution for sensitive and precision instruments.


Commonly supplied with a 5S Shadow Board our clear panel cabinets are supplied fully assembled and custom-built to size and specification. Our cabinets create visual security for assets and equipment that are often locked away in working environments where temporary staff or contractors are working on-site.

In harsh working environments, they provide an added layer of shelter protection to sensitive electronic or precisely calibrated tools.

Utilising visual storage helps to foster a culture of equipment care for equipment. Clear panels allow for quick visual checks on the location of tools and equipment.

Hand tools on a shadow board in a cabinet

Right tool,
Right time,
Right Place.

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