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Automotive Engineering: New and updated site signage to create an environment that resonates with the workforce and better reflects Sertec’s position as a world-leading Automotive OEM.

About Sertec

As a leader in UK automotive engineering, Sertec produces millions of crucial components each day. These components are assembled around the world; building cars, lorries and engines. 

Sertec’s commitment to precision engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies makes it a key player in the automotive supply chain, where every component serves as a building block in the creation of vehicles that define modern life.

Its commitment to quality and innovation ensures that its components not only meet the rigorous requirements of today’s vehicles but also contribute to advancements in automotive technology and efficiency.

The Challenge

New leadership at two closely located Sertec operating sites shared a commitment to raising visual standards on site to reflect the responsibility that the business has in supplying world-leading Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) on time, with excellent quality products and service.

Recognising the importance of cultivating an environment that resonates with the workforce, both sites believed it imperative that employees saw this reflected in the environment in which they work and the changes happening around them.

The project scope covered the modernisation of existing and the development of new visuals and signage to bring about a transformation in the visual landscape of both operating sites.

The Solution

Site Rework
One of the sites was undertaking a reworking of its loading/unloading to ensure the most efficient flow of materials in and out of the site.

This necessitated the development of clear road and site signage to ensure that Lorry drivers (some arriving from overseas) understood where they should be either unloading or loading, preventing possible disruption or blockages and facilitating a smoother operational workflow.

Site Demarcation
Whilst the two operating sites of the business are part of the same group, they are separate business units that are close in geographic location.

Clear signage was required to help prevent the common occurrence of delivery drivers or visitors arriving at the incorrect site.

Safety Message
Both sites wanted to ensure that all team members felt safe in their working environment. It was deemed important to remind individuals that they have a responsibility to take ownership of both their own and the safety of others.

VMT supplied various safety visuals such as this Safety Archway to ensure safety messages are effectively communicated and retained.

Machine Identification
Organisation of assets in the business included supplying visual identification of key machines. Clear Signage identification of machines helps to support the flow of materials to process and provides further structure to factory layout. Including visuals of finished parts on signage adds further clarification to processes.

The Sertec site undertaking the layout rework had a requirement to modernise the outside visuals of the factory to keep in line with updated branding. It was also felt that a professional visual tone setting was important for visitors and employees alike.

Backlit signage, etched window graphics and signage were all supplied by VMT. This initiative aimed to not only meet branding requirements but also create a visually appealing and cohesive environment for everyone associated with the site.

The Result

“I had worked with VMT for a number of years in a previous position and I know them to always utilise a ‘can do’ attitude with their clients’. VMT can take a concept or idea and convert it into a professional visual solution that has strong impact in the workplace. The workplace visuals and Visual Management products VMT have so far supplied Sertec have been vital in supporting our ongoing commitment to Continuous Improvement. The VMT team also reflect some of the key Sertec values of Teamwork, Responsiveness and Commitment in their approach.”

Carl Milbourne
Plant Manager

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