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Visual Management Whiteboards are designed to enhance communication and organisation within a workspace. A key Lean tool, they are used to standardise, monitor and improve business performance.

Our expert team is on hand to advise on best practices and implementation of Visual Management Whiteboards.

Why use Visual Management Whiteboards


SQCDP Boards offer a centralised platform for tracking and managing  Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People key performance indicators in real-time.

Monitor safety performance, audit product quality, manage costs, track delivery timelines, and prioritise the well-being of your team, all from a single, easy-to-read display.

Designed for clarity and simplicity, our SQCDP Boards empower teams to collaborate seamlessly, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By enhancing visibility and promoting accountability, SQCDP Boards become a catalyst for positive change within your organisation.

Whiteboard for tracking SQCDP performance in a factory
Management Board for recording continuous improvement in factory

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Boards (CI) are a dynamic solution designed to propel your organisation toward excellence, serving as the heartbeat of your continuous improvement initiatives.

CI Boards provide a dedicated space for teams to collaborate, innovate, and track progress on key projects. With customisable sections for goal setting, action plans, and performance metrics, these boards empower your team to visualise their journey toward success.

Streamline your processes, identify bottlenecks, and celebrate milestones with our visually intuitive Continuous Improvement Boards. Whether you are implementing Lean, Six Sigma, or other improvement methodologies, our boards are adaptable to your unique needs.


Problem-Solving Boards provide a structured approach to problem-solving, using facts and data over opinions or theories. They offer a structured approach to addressing issues, fostering a culture of proactive solutions.

With designated sections for problem identification, root cause analysis, and action planning, these boards guide your team through a systematic problem-solving process. Real-time visibility into the status of ongoing resolutions promotes transparency and empowers every team member to contribute to the problem-solving journey.

Designed for versatility, our boards accommodate various methodologies, ensuring compatibility with Lean, Six Sigma, or any problem-solving framework you choose. Elevate your team’s problem-solving capabilities, streamline communication, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement with our Problem-Solving Boards.

Custom whiteboard for problem solving
Printed Short Interval Control Whiteboard in Factory

Short Interval Control Board

Short Interval Control Boards (SIC) optimise operational efficiency and drive immediate impact.

SIC Boards provide a visual structured process for teams to track and assess their performance in brief, regular intervals. These boards are a powerful tool for real-time decision-making, allowing teams to identify trends, mitigate risks, and capitalise on opportunities swiftly.

Where continuous monitoring is crucial, our SIC Boards offer the flexibility and adaptability needed to meet your specific requirements. Elevate OEE and productivity, enhance engagement, and empower your team to make agile decisions with our Short Interval Control Boards. Invest in a tool that brings your organisation to the forefront of efficiency and responsiveness.

War on Waste

War on Waste Boards are strategically designed to align with lean principles and inspire a culture of waste reduction and continuous improvement from the shop floor through to higher-level management.

Serving as a visual command centre, War on Waste Boards are used to identify, analyse, and combat various forms of waste across your processes.

With dedicated sections for categorising different types of waste, such as overproduction, defects, waiting times, and unnecessary inventory, these boards help combat inefficiency. Real-time data visualisation enables quick decision-making, empowering every team member in the battle against waste.

Whiteboard for Tracking Waste in a Business
Whiteboard for tracking the performance in a business

Live Tracking

A Live Tracking Board provides an interactive platform to monitor activities in real-time. Inspire teams to make data-driven decisions on the go and foster a culture of agility and responsiveness.

Whether you’re overseeing project timelines, logistics, or team workflows, these boards offer up-to-the-minute insights.

Empower your team to engage with the Live Tracking Visual Management Board, agreeing and recording performance levels collaboratively. Create an understanding of whether performance is improving or declining to guide decisions and corrective action.

Customised Board Design

As projects and business needs change, updating existing whiteboard collateral is easy with our customised printed visual management board service.

We produce and supply laminated overlays to quickly and affordably update existing whiteboard assets. 

Simply share your basic idea via our template maker and our designers will develop a layout that aligns with your needs and corporate identity.

To access our Management Board template maker click the link below.

Simple and well presented visual information in business is essential to facilitate, co-ordinated and prosperous teams.

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