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This Case Study will outline why Britvic chose to work with PeakVM when rolling out a range of visual management tools.

About Britvic

Britvic Soft drinks based in Rugby is one of the UK’s largest soft drink manufacturers and recent additional investment in the business has taken the site to in the top 5 in Europe.

At the Rugby site Britvic are responsible for producing some of the UK’s favourite soft drink brands such as Tango and Pepsi Max.

The Challenge

With a new production line fully installed and operational capable of producing a staggering 120,000 cans per hour, the Britvic team were understandably keen to ensure this newest line (Line 15) was best in class for Visual Factory standards. With customer demand continuing to grow it was essential that the Visual Standards in place help to protect the flow of production by assisting staff to make their life easier and encourage more efficient working, prevent errors, and make Line 15 a satisfying and productive environment to work within. PEAK VM were tasked with a wide remit to consult and advise on possible solutions and best practice to maximise the Visual potential within Line 15. There was strong opportunity to make gains in efficiency, 5S housekeeping standards and the standard of the general visuals found in the working environment.

The Solution

The PEAK Visual Management Advisor worked closely onsite with the Britvic site Continuous Improvement manager to assess the current situation and provide a detailed proposal for the rollout of Visual Management Solutions. After a process that involved site visits, design concepts, an iterative design approval – the final solutions were delivered and where applicable installed onsite. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

Safety Archway

Setting the tone and providing visual reminders for Safety standards onsite especially at entry points to the production areas of higher risk. The Archway put the onus on the individual to take ownership for their own Safety. They provide visual reminders of the PPE required onsite and showcase to the workforce that the business takes safety seriously and want to share important business data related to the matter such as ‘Days since last injury’ and ‘Days since last lost time accident’. Britvic also used the Safety Archways as an opportunity to show their commitment to employee engagement with a visual display area of ‘You said, we did’.

Shadow Boards

As part of the development of the Line 15 production capabilities it was important for Britvic to protect and support their 5S housekeeping processes. Shadow boards for cleaning and hand tools help to bolster the ‘Set’ and ‘Sustain’ steps of the 5S methodology. Shadow boards provide a home location for items ensuring it is easier to locate equipment saving time and frustration of searching through tool boxes/through drawers or on work surfaces. Set ‘home’ locations for tools on Shadow Boards also reduce the potential for slips, trips and falls caused by incorrectly positioned equipment.

Visual Management

One of the features of the culture at Britvic is engagement of a variety of team members and stakeholders and the diverse attributes and perspective they bring, when undertaking improvement projects. This was aided by the delivery of bespoke Practical Problem-Solving Visual Management Board. Utilised at the point the problems are experienced on the shop floor, the Practical Problem-Solving Board ensures facts and data around the issue are being discussed and not theory and opinions which can happen when the activity is undertaken away from the point of the problem.

Workplace Signage

During our work with Britvic, we have been able to work in conjunction with their team to develop their facilities into a ‘Visual Factory’. A Visual Factory is a Factory (or production/operational facility) where the visuals tell a story, provide cues and give guidance. Solutions such as: boards for storing samples to compare for quality, location signs for items and directional signs for key location all help it easier to understand the factory and minimise confusion. These solutions also help to set standards for the business and when standards are not in place it’s impossible to set something as not to standard (or not ok) or find root cause of issues and problems.

Wall Graphics

Elevating the workspace visual environment to make the facility a more satisfying place to be was a key strategy for Britvic. They wanted to reflect their position as a leading manufacturer so that visitors and staff alike would sense and feel this in what they saw as they move around the facility. While PEAK VM specialise in Visual Management related projects, we are also able to provide a full design and installation service for Britvic removing the need to deal with any further outside agencies for these workplace visuals.

The Result

The solutions provided by PEAK Visual Management have transformed the Britvic factory in terms of Visual standards and have brought ‘life’ to the shop floor. The solutions implemented have been welcomed with open arms by the operators with particular mention for the tool Shadow boards which have notably made life easier for the operators by ensuring “A place for everything and everything in it place” and reduced the non-value-added activities maximising the effectiveness and productivity of the team on a day-to-day basis.

“I have been working with PEAK VM since 2022, they have been invaluable in helping us achieve our goals in standardisation creation of a visual factory. Their dedicated Account Manager Josh is always on hand to support with solutions and concepts and when we have come across potential issues, as can happen with these bespoke type of projects, the response from PEAK to resolve has been impeccable.”

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