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Railway Depot: Implementation of Obeya Centres, creating a focal point for daily management of the site operations, team meetings, 5S management and area for issue escalation at DLR (Docklands Light Railway).

About DLR

The Docklands Light Railway is an automated light metro system primarily serving the redeveloped Docklands area of London and providing a direct connection between London’s two major financial districts, Canary Wharf and the City of London.

The Challenge

KeolisAmey Docklands initially contacted VMT as they wanted to professionalise a working Visual Management board that they already had in situ at the depot. VMT took the opportunity to share information on the previous Visual Management Centre projects we had supplied for their sister company at Metrolink (Greater Manchester).

VMT believe strongly in the sharing of knowledge of Lean and Visual Management best practice on time consumption. This inspired and allowed the DLR team to enhance what they were currently reviewing and displaying on the existing board. 

It was identified that some time was spent by the operators locating tooling or sorting through application tapes to find the correct specification tape. It was suggested that some Visual Management could be applied to organise the workplace to provide structure and order to the storage of the equipment used to changeover rolls, reducing any potential for waste in looking for tools, equipment or tape.

The Solution

Concept – The DLR team reported back with elements that they would like to add to their Visual Management Centre these included a screen for reviewing and sharing detailed photo/video/reporting information, 5S Management and detailed escalation to management. To ensure the solution both worked in the space available and had a suitable technical specification, VMT supplied a 3D graphic visual of the Visual Management Centre (Obeya) for the DLR team to review and approve.

The Visual Management Centre was delivered and assembled onsite by VMT. The Obeya Centre has “wings” on castors to enable efficient use of the space and maximise the possibilities for usable board space. All boards are magnetic which allowed VMT to supply magnets for road management around the depot.

The Visual Management Centre gives the depot team a focal point for team meetings and discussion. Key information is displayed and not hidden away in folders or on computers. Anyone can work through the information displayed and understand the current operational status of the depot.

The Result

“Initially we were just looking to create a more professionalised version of the Management Board that was already in use onsite. After contacting VMT they shared information on best practices being used at other Rail depots to inspire us to develop our own Management centre. This Obeya solution has given us a focal point for daily management of the site operations, team meeting, 5S management and area for issue escalation. The solution and service VMT provide is flexible, professional and they are on hand to help with any issues”

Sami M’hamdi
KIHM Project Deployment Coordinator

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