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Foam Shadows

See Clearly, Control Visually

Professional and cost effective, our equipment organisation shadow foam will help keep all our your precious tools and parts accounted for.

Why use Shadow

Tool Organisation Foam

Shadow foams with tool-shaped cut-out pockets provide a simple, visual way of ensuring tools are stored away after use. This can minimise the risk of damage to parts or machinery and remove any potential hazards from operation areas. Effective tool control helps put in place a process where a tool is always available when not in use.

Tool box foams inside a cabinet
Shadow foam used to replenish parts

Kitting Foam

The use of foam kit boxes for part delivery guarantees the accurate specification and quantity of parts delivered to the designated fit/line side in the correct order. The logical layout of parts has been proven to save time in the assembly/fitting process.

Protection Foam

Our Shadow Foams provide an excellent method of protecting your valuable or easily damaged parts and equipment whilst in transit. We can supply protective boxes and cases in a variety of specifications to suit the level of protection required.

Shadow foam used to protect TV equipment when on the move

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