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PEAK VM offers bespoke Obeya Centre solutions tailored to your corporate branding and policy deployment. Our solutions create a positive, professional and functional space to review projects, perform daily stand-up meetings and for management to “go-look-see” on operational matters.

Why use an Obeya Centre

Visual Management Centre Implementation

PEAK VM leverages years of experience in Visual Management implementation to create sophisticated, functional and branded standalone Visual Management Centres.

Our process is simple. We take your idea from the initial stages through design development and concept through to delivery and final assembly.

A meeting space with a screen attached with whiteboards for updating data

Visual Management Centre Integration

Our Visual Management Centres are constructed using durable and aesthetically pleasing aluminium machine building extrusion.

This material allows us to assemble an integrated Visual Management Centre at your site that can include supporting Visual Management tools such as 5S Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations and Signage.

We can also integrate technology such as large screen TVs and computer workstations.

Bus Depot Daily Brief Visual Management

PEAK VM has vast experience in supplying Visual Management Centres for operational environments, including coach/bus maintenance depots.

Keeping teams updated on performance, staff availability, improvement activity and general notices are all key as part of a successful Visual Management strategy. A coach/bus maintenance depot is a regularly changing environment. Having the correct Visual Management tools available to communicate and share information with teams effectively, without necessarily needing to speak face-to-face, is vital.

We work with you to develop your Visual Management board designs, delivering to your specific needs and operational requirements. We can even supply 3D concept drawings making it possible to visualise the solution in the available space.

meeting boards showing all of the information for the production team
management centre in an office with visuals on the back with corporate branding

Visual Management Centre - Branding

We understand that successful Visual Management implementation also requires strong integration into corporate branding. Tone setting with an aesthetically pleasing environment helps to foster a productive and creative workplace.

We can develop branding elements from scratch to add to your Visual Management Centre or collaborate with your marketing department to meet branding guidelines.

Rail Depot Obeya Centre

PEAK VM has wide experience supplying Visual Management Centres for the rail industry and rail depots in particular.

With the historical architecture of most rail depots, many have difficulty finding available wall space for a dedicated Visual Management Centre. Standalone Visual Management units utilising free floor space solve this issue.

Rail depot-specific Obeya Centres are useful tools for tracking and communicating train movements and manpower requirements around the depot. They also play a critical role in communicating safety notices, information and KPI tracking which are all essential in keeping the workforce safe in a high-risk environment such as a rail depot.

train depot with a meeting management centre

Standing up and presenting performance data and actions in front of peers drives Continuous Improvement and is a key Lean behaviour.

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