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Our Assembly Workstations are tailored to support clients in rigorous and structured quality, inspection and assembly processes.

Lean best practice and Visual Management elements can integrated into our  Workstations, with Visual Management Boards, and Shadow Boards.

Assembly/Packing Workstations

Assembly or packing stations with dedicated visuals create an ideal environment for teams to carry out tasks efficiently.

Ensure that tools are in the right place, at the right time with Tooling Shadow Boards integration.

Tailored to your exact needs in size and specification, our Workstations are a cost-effective solution.

assembly workstation with a shadowboard and graphic
Assembly workstation with space for quality documents

Quality/Inspection Workstations

Organisational Excellence is fundamentally tied to the quality of the products or services supplied.

Dedicated Workstations streamline the process of identifying defects with high precision. They are a critical element in quality and inspection processes, giving your teams the essential tools for thorough checks.

In-built LED lighting strips ensure a well-lit space when visual checks are necessary.

Dual Sided Workstations

Boost your Workstation functionality by incorporating visuals on both sides. Choose from a combination of Shadow BoardsCleaning Station or Visual Management Board for a bespoke configuration.

Or, keep it simple with a corporate image or logo on the rear, ensuring alignment with corporate brand guidelines.

Assembly workstation with space for quality documents and tooling

Our Assembly Workbenches provide the very best in integration of workplace visuals into your operational environment.

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