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Wall Graphics

PEAK VM offer the very best service for elevating and professionalising your workspaces with our Workplace Wall Graphics service.

We can advise on options that have positive impact in performance, wellbeing, motivation and branding.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act imposes a responsibility on employers to take ‘reasonably practicable’ measures to safeguard the well-being of their workforce. Workplace Wall Graphics contribute to workforce safety by providing clear information.

Creating a visual platform for presenting key Health and Safety information and instructions is a straightforward and effective approach to ensuring workforce safety.

PEAK VM can provide guidance and create practical, visually appealing designs for Health and Safety Wall Graphics.

Workplace Signage Wall coverings in reception of office
Workshop wall covering with company messages

PPE Requirements

Transform factory and facility entrances into tailored informative hubs. Convey essential information about required PPE, such as masks, helmets, and safety glasses.

Strategically placed graphics not only reinforce safety standards but also streamline the process of adhering to PPE guidelines, promoting a culture of awareness and responsibility from the moment individuals step into the facility.

Reception Area

Why not make the first place that your clients, new starters and visitors visit set the tone for everything that they see or hear after?

These areas can be used to:

• Explain the journey, history or timeline of the business.

• Communicate information about the work that happens onsite.

• Show who your customers are and why they use your service.

Wall graphics on corridor wall business
Workshop wall covering with company messages

Tone Setting

A business and workforce that understands the value and impact of their product or service and their customer will have a much stronger chance of long-term success.

PEAK VM Wall Graphics provide an opportunity to apply a professional finish to available wall space to elevate the importance of what it is the business does.

Why not use large visuals to showcase the product in use with the end user or the advanced technical manufacturing techniques in use onsite to provide context to staff and visitors?

Meeting / Breakout Spaces

PEAK Wall Graphics can showcase pleasant imagery or textures enhancing the ambience of your meeting rooms for a more enjoyable experience.

Is there a local famous skyline or landmark that serves as a meaningful connection to the region or the community of individuals working within the business?

Logos in Windows

Wellbeing Wall Murals

Our collaboration with huunuu has resulted in a range of stunning inspirational wall coverings that are perfect for any workplace. These coverings are specifically designed to boost employee morale, enhance creativity and productivity while promoting workplace wellbeing.

Find out more here:

Window Etch

Transform your windows into works of art with our window etch solutions. Elevate your space with privacy and branding, as our window etching strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Logos in Windows
printed floor markings showing people where to stand during a meeting

Floor Markings

We supply bespoke anti-slip floor graphics that can impart a message, provide warnings or just enhance your company branding.

 These anti-slip floor graphics are completely bespoke and we can provide to almost any colour, shape and size. We can also aid in designing your graphics from something as basic as a verbal brief.

Application of these floor graphics is generally straightforward. However; we can offer an installation service as part of our service. 

We can supply a full design and installation service. We are happy to impart our design expertise if you are struggling for inspiration.

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